Who can be a part of the Killjoy Cooking network?
The Killjoy Cooking network invites all individuals whose bodies have historically been sites of patriarchal control, misogyny and sexist gender norms.

Why do I have to cc the Killjoy Cooking Network email id?
By cc-ing [email protected], you are indicating your participation in the Killjoy Cooking Letter Exchange. By cc-ing, you are also allowing the recipes you share to be documented and archived as part of the Killjoy Cooking Network Archive. Your letters and emails will never be publicly shared without your consent.

What am I supposed to write about in the email?
In this email, you are invited to share a recipe and a memory associated with that recipe with a woman, or a caregiver you know. You are not restricted to write a ‘written’ letter, your letter can also include a photograph, video, voice note or even a photo of a handwritten note. All we request of you is to make sure you include a recipe in your email.

Who can I write to?
You are invited to send a letter to a woman, a caregiver, your mother, sister, aunt, mother-in-law, mentor, friend, the author of your favorite book or even the character of your favorite story, dead or alive, real or imaginary, who represents to you a beacon of support, wisdom and solidarity.

This is an invitation to think deeply about the web of relationships we form with other women and the wisdoms we receive and impart in the process of caring and being cared for by them. Our labour, lives and experiences are unique and sharing our stories is nothing short of a revolutionary act.

Why do I need to send a recipe?
The relationship between cooking, the kitchen and women is an old one. Cooking for women can be a joy, labour, work, a chore and much more.

When we remember the dishes our mothers made, we remember them with fondness. We are also reminded of the kitchen banter or ‘gappa’, ‘gupshup’, the exchange of ‘kitchen secrets’, or complaints of aching legs, of aching hearts, of busy bodies and broken dreams.

Can these recipes represent the memories of the women who stood in those kitchens, who stand before us today? Can these recipes represent our legacies? Can they represent our relationships with one another? Can a recipe, the language of food, then become our language of resistance, resilience and solidarity?

What if the woman I want to write to is not alive anymore, hard to access, or doesn’t have email?
You can still draft your email and send it directly to [email protected] You can also send your unsent emails (emails you drafted but do not want to send to the addressed person).

What languages can I write in?
You may write in any language you wish, and receive letters in languages other than English too.

What is the point of this project? What do I get out of this?
Perhaps this project can offer a space for connection, contemplation and maybe even mutual catharsis. But if nothing else, you will have a new recipe added to your cooking repertoire!

Why is it called the Killjoy Cooking Network?
The word ‘Killjoy’ is a reference to the feminist archetype ‘Feminist Killjoy’, a term coined by the writer, Sara Ahmed. To know more about her work and who is a feminist killjoy, you can access her wonderful blog here: https://feministkilljoys.com/ and this piece here.

Will the shared emails/letters in the archive be publicly accessible?
The letters and emails will never be made publicly accessible without your consent and prior knowledge. The letters and emails will exist in a closed archive, and only the recipes exchanged will become a part of a community owned repository. Think of the network’s role as a ‘feminist operator’ – observing, collecting, making connections, and intervening only when there is a need for assistance. The Killjoy Cooking Network’s vision is to make visible a line of communication that is often oral, subversive and invisible, to document the everyday lives of women and caregivers that have raised and continue to raise the world. If you decide to participate, you get to decide what and how much you’d like to share through the Killjoy Cooking Network.