Welcome to the Killjoy Cooking Network

This is an invitation to women from across the world and across identities to hold space for conversations, for each other, to look deeper into our relationships with food, labour and care. 

We start from the kitchen – a place of possibilities, ideas and existing collaborations.

The Killjoy Cooks Letter Exchange

Who fed you?
Who continues to feed you?
And who would you like to share your story with?

Share your story of nurture and care.

Exchange a recipe – a simple one, a traditional one, a new one or one that was handed down. Exchange a recipe in solidarity and share a letter of gratitude, of acknowledgment, a tribute to a woman, a caregiver. 

Contribute to the Killjoy Cooking Network’s shared repository of recipes and stories, of sustenance and solidarity.

Here’s how you can participate:

Copy [email protected] in your emails to your letter recipient, or send letters with recipes directly to:[email protected].

To receive more details on how you can be a part of the Killjoy Cooking Network, or if you any questions about the letter exchange, connect here:

Who is the Killjoy Cooking Network?

We are a network of women building a repository of recipes and herstories, making visible the labour of care work, of women’s work and the web of relationships and solidarities women form across time and space.